Need A Ride?  Dial It!

Need A Ride? Dial It!

Need a ride off island to a medical appointment?  Try Dial-A-Ride.  Action Ministries can help you with this extremely affordable service.  Click the link for more information.   Manager: Dana Planetta Phone:  506-466-4444 Email:

Extra Effort

We will make every effort to keep Thrifty’s open on Tuesday evenings and Saturdays in the month of November. If we must close due to inclement weather or staffing problems, we will post the closure as early as...

Thrifty’s Winter Warm Up

It’s a yearly event, anticipated island wide … Thrifty’s Winter Warm Up Join us on October 25th from 2-4:00pm and 7-8:00pm for the roll-out of our winter attire.   By now you know that Thrifty’s is more than a place … it is a community...