Steve Bell In Concert

Steve Bell will be live in concert at Community Life Church on October 12th @ 7:30pm.  We are grateful and pleased to bring Steve to the Grand Manan community.  He is an accomplished guitarist/musician with a message of hope for the everyday person.  Steve’s lyrics are thoughtful and stirring, platitude free.

You can purchase tickets online by clicking the button above or purchase them at Community Life Church.  Call 222-0410 to arrange for someone to meet you at the church or drop by if you see a grey Escape, plates, 6AM.  We are unable to hold tickets without payment.

Help us spread the word by sharing this post on your timelines, even once a week between now and the evening of the concert.  Take time to enjoy the brief video.  You can find others of Steve’s videos on YouTube.

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We were blessed on Easter Sunday with a choreographed dance presentation by a delightful group of young men and women. They invested an unbelievable amount of time in preparation.

Over 120 hours for at least 3 of dancers!

And the leaders … well how do we say “thanks” in an adequate manner?

Ministry certainly took place in the actual presentation but what happened behind the scenes is immeasurable. It is the sort of experience that kids remember for a lifetime.

Today we can easily preserve the moment. This video was shot by Heather Brown, during the Easter performance. Thanks Heather.

Please feel free to share.

I Hate to Break This To You …

I am not sure that I know how to gently break this to you. On Saturday morning the old carpet is coming up and the new flooring will be laid.

People have their familiar spot where they sit and it has become like an old friend to them.  The time to say good-bye has come.  I have no idea how long this process may take but I am sure that we will have church in the Café area on Sunday.

Something tells me that we may be a couple weeks getting back into the sanctuary.  Once the flooring is installed, the carpet will be redone on the platform.

I do, in all seriousness, have to tell you that I am excited about this, as I am sure you are as well.  Those carpet spots a ministry signatures.  Perhaps not always extremely serious but they are evidence of God’s people gathering and enjoying one another.  It is called “fellowship” … God works more than we imagine in these times.  I think He loves to see His kids have a good time.

We have been a while getting to this point.  The expense is a good one.  I want to thank Anzonette and the property management people for seeing this through.  And thank each of you for your giving.  Thanks for listening and responding as you have been able.

See you Sunday!