The Corona Chronicles

Sunday April 5, 2020

This is what our Sunday services may look like for awhile … I hope this is meaningful to each of you.  Personally I am driven to my faith in these days.  There has never been anything like it.  This morning we’ll hear the testimony of a survivor of the 911 tragedy.  This is a first person account of  how God revealed Himself to a NY firefighter in the midst of the carnage and devastation of that awful day.  Could we reflect together on the importance of placing our trust in God, as we journey through the Covid Chronicles?  The Sunday sermons will apear here as you see but they will also be archived in an online Flipbook which will be an everyday account of the lives and experiences of our church family.  I DO need your help.  I need you to share your story with me so that I can communicate it more broadly.  If you write poetry, send it.  If you take pictures send them.  If you paint or draw, send me some of your work.  If omn a given day you find encouragemnt from God’s word, send that along.  Let’s all participate together.  It is one way to maintain a vital connection in lieu of our inability to meet together.

Bonnie Morse has arranged for eTransfers to be made for those who are able and willing to continue giving during this crisis.  Transfers should be sent to We are absolutely aware that our bills continue during a period when our income might not.  I am thankful for the provisions that the government is trying to make, to help each of us.  Please do not feel pressured in any way by these words … we just want you to know that this is a way to continue to support CLC.  If you have specific questions, call Bonnie or email her at 

Greetings and a Prayer Request From Carly

Take a minute … or several to watch these videos.  Allow yourself to be led in a time of worship as you play them. Take your time.  Replay them as long as you experience God speaking to you.  Confess your greatest fears or need to Him before you make your way through the worship videos.  Is your Bible close?

Character … good solid character requires a commitment to a set of uncommon values.  What do you think some of these basic values are?  Name a few … write them down.  As you look at your list, ask yourself what the scripture has to say about these values.  Can you think of any specific references that reinforce the importance of these?  Do you differentiate between character and reputation?  If so, how?  In an earlier verse, Paul writes that Jesus “made himself of no reputation” (KJV).  What do you think that means?

Can we or should we “manage” the work of God within us?  What would that look like?  Have you ever attemted to manage your own spiritual pathway or growth?  How did that turn out?  How would you describe the process of becoming more like Christ?  Read 2 Peter 1:1-10.  Is this a description of our efforts to grow spiritually?  How do you explain the relationship between human effort and this work of God ongoing in our lives?

The “Principle of the Slight Edge” says, “People who excel over the masses, do so only slightly.”  What do you think this means?  Can you relate it to the admonition to do “all things without complaining or arguing”?  Do you think that something like this really sets us apart in terms of our influence?  How?  How important are the little things?  Can you name any other comparatively insignificant faith practice that makes a big difference?  List some of those “small things”.  Can you find any scriptural support?  Do you think that there is opportunity today for the church to shine?  What do we need to do differently to make this happen?  Better services?  More programs?  Tell us what you think?