It’s week two of our Zone 2 setback to the orange level.  Every day I look for one item of information … how many new cases.  That’s about all that i can tolerate.  Covid 19 consumes my thoughts at a personal level and as it relates to the our local spiritual family at Community Life Church.  I’m tired of a ceasless information stream and little to tell us what is actually the truth and what is actually garbage.

If you believe that there is an insidfious plot unfolding around us and our rights are being taken away, it would be madness.  If you believe that we are so purely evil that God cannot stand to look at us, then there would be very few bright spots on the horizon today.  I believe there are far more good people in the world than bad.  I believe there is good in most everyone and bad as well.  This removes any justification that we might find to judge one another.  I believe that we bear the image of God as the imprint of creation.  This image is marred and disfigured but it is there.  If we take the ime to look we will find it.  Larry Crabb, in his book, “Connecting“, speaks of a diligent search for wahtv is good as a reltional priciple that help us to build a bond with others.

We are lousy at that as people who call ourselves Christians.  We’d rather find the dirt.

I believe that those who lead the way in this pandemic are good people who are concened with helping others, preventing death and the spread of disease.  I’ll do my part in good faith , not blind faith and not cynical suspicion.

Advent is a season, not an event.  It reaches for our attention over a period of days and challenges us to look to our spiritual nature.  This is the true Christmas season.  Let me encourage you to take it for what it is, not what we have made of it.  Let me challenge you to not let your bad past experience to rob you of good present experience. 

I hope this short, croaky reflectin may bring something good to your soul today …