Gayla Needs Our Help

kid-super-heroesFrom week to week, Gayla, Dalton, Margaret, Carolyn and others, minister to our children.  From personal experience, I can tell you that there are many weeks when these folks would like to have a chance just to come to a church gathering without responsibility.  It doesn’t matter how passionate a person is about anything, there are times when all of us need to disconnect.  As you pray for these folks, pray that God would supply a back up for each worker so that we could provide a break for them on a regular basis.

That being said, Gayla is digging deep into her energy and time reserve again this year.  She is wanting to put a float in the Christmas parade.  She needs help and financial resources.  As if she had loads of discretionary time, she is also trying to put a Christmas play/musical together.  The theme for the play centres around super heroes and she is looking for costumes that we might borrow for the event.  What we cannot find as donations we will have to purchase.  If you have any we are asking that you might bring them to church tomorrow (November 27th).

Gayla Dalton, Margaret, Carolyn … on behalf of your church family, I’d like to inadequately express our appreciation for all that you do so unassumingly.  Your quiet, consistent dedication is powerful.  This kind of effort is what God blesses in ways that we often cannot measure at the time.  Thanks so much. (If I have forgotten anyone, I am so sorry.)


Kids Night

Kirby Strikes Again

I so appreciate Kirby and those who are so faithful to rally to her when she calls for help geared toward our children.  She was unable to do a Young Lifers program this Fall and has decided to have a one-night event.  I am posting the following note on her behalf and asking you to share this on your timelines in order to get the word around and to find the help that she is looking for.

Thanks in advance.

Hey everyone! I am getting things organized for our fun night with the kids, which is just around the corner. I am in need of the following items:

  • 100 unfrosted cupcakes (any flavour)the-great-candy-compromise-10-ways-to-negotiate-sweets-consumption-with-your-kids-on-halloween-mainphoto
  • 6-8 cans of white frosting
  • 100 mini candy canes
  • 100 regular sized candy canes (red and white striped only)

If you can help me out with any of this, let me know ? We need everything for Tuesday, December 6th.

Thanks so much!!!


Let’s see what we can do to make a great night for our kids.